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Wöhler DP 600 Leakage Tester

We provide pressure testing for all types of flue and exhaust systems, fully in accordance with BSEN 1443:2019.

The Wöhler DP 600 tests the tightness of exhaust ducts and chimneys. The unit can select between different installation classes. The Wöhler DP 600 automatically regulates the pressure which is necessary to control the flue gas systems classes P, H and N and determines the leakage rate automatically.

Overview of pressure and tightness testing:

  • Testing leakage rates up to 200.00 m³/h
  • Testing of all chimney classes and flue gas systems
  • Stove tightness testing

Testing can also be achieved with negative pressure

There is no need to have access to other floors to check for smoke leakage as with a Smoke Test Type 1 – though to identify the source of the leak smoke testing might be required.

A copy out of the result is produced and supplied electronically with any other required report.

BSEN 1443:2019 is the only recognised method of testing in many European countries. This service gives a definitive report on the soundness of the chimney based on the leakage rate and criteria set out by the user, giving you peace of mind.

If access to the roof or chimney terminal is restricted it may be possible for the chimney pot to be sealed from the ground using a inflatable bladder which is inflated in the chimney pot otherwise additional access might be required.